Independent Restaurant Concepts (IRC) is an owner-operated hospitality consultancy that contracts with, and manages a collective of Portland area restaurants. Each IRC property has a unique concept and offering with the goal of delivering an amazing customer experience.


Principle owners, James Hall and Josh Johnston, got their start in 2006 with their first property, North 45, and have since expanded the portfolio to eight brick and mortar properties as well as an offsite catering company and consulting arm.



James Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Food: Burger no mayo

Drink of Choice: IPA


Josh Johnston

VP of Sales & Marketing

Favorite Food: Sushi & Pizza

Drink of Choice: Perfect Pint of Guinness


Aaron Dionne

Culinary Director

Favorite Food: Something I haven’t tried before

Drink of Choice: Yes


Beth McKeever

Operations Controller

Favorite Food: Clam Chowder

Drink of Choice: Guinness with a Jameson back